Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Ice Palace


My parents were over this afternoon and we went to see the Ice Palace up towards Schwarzsee. There's this guy who makes up this ice / light thing each year. It was good fun and the kids very much enjoyed running around, going through ice tunnels, up and down the stairs and sharing a sausage with the local mutt before we came home. Here is a picture of Zina. She's such a total cutie dressed up like this.
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Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday here

OK, so what did I get done today? Vin left this morning at 5.30am and I didn't really manage to go back to sleep after that. My head was packed with questions and stuff to be done and how to get organized... So when Zina woke up and asked for her milk around 6.15am, I got up for good. I dropped them off at daycare (mental note: tomorrow I have to call the town council and tell them to clean off the ice from the access paths to the crèche, it's really slippery and very dangerous), then came home and started making phone calls. I had to go back to daycare for 9.30 to talk about the kids and obviously it's all good. They are both progressing well, they are smart, clever, cute and beautiful (being totally objective here). After that I went to Yverdon for my last day there and had lunch with all the friends. It was really nice and I enjoyed being able to say goodbye to all. Then back here and back to my phone calls. I had to battle with various technical and human issues, but here is the end result:
- the car is being sold on Friday, either I'll have to take it, or they'll come and fetch it, to be determined tomorrow
- my mother is brining me a rental car on Thursday morning. This took me several hours to figure out, as the "cheap" rental agency had some issues with their phone and was totally unreachable. Then finally my mom drove there, but they had no cars, so I had to find another cheap option and I finally did. :-)
- the lease company is sending me the final invoice tomorrow and thank God, the garage that is buying the car agreed to take care of all the formalities, so I have absolutely nothing to deal with anymore on that level
- changed my appointment with the osteopath, I'm going tomorrow because my back is hurting and now my left foot is hurting, probably because I am walking crooked. I'm feeling like some 90 year old...
- changed the end of our cable TV subscription to the end of February, so the kids will have something to watch (and we'll have some peace and quiet)

On the less fun side, Marlène was transferred to Fribourg hospital and she is really down. She is now talking of refusing the treatments proposed to her... I am hoping she'll change her mind, but she really sounded depressed on the phone. I'll call her again tomorrow. I can't go for a visit because I have to go to osteopath. :-(

Tomorrow the kids are off to daycare again, so in the morning I'll try and clean up the desk and start getting all the papers together for the taxes. Fun-fun... :-S I'll have to get some cleaning done too. Then off to osteopath, then fetch kids and the day is over again...

Ok, now for the trivia: Where the heck is my mouse???? Some kid took it to play with it and I haven't been able to find it for 3 days! So tomorrow I'll go mouse hunting, it must be under a bed or hidden in a tractor.