Thursday, 2 July 2009

Quick update (or something like that)

KRT-AMS: Ice tea, hot coffee and pee on my clothes, courtesy of my kids. Other than that, fine trip.

AMS: Lots of waiting around, tired kids, good playgrounds, lots of coffee, kids' nap room.

AMS-GVA: Nothing to report

GVA: Off to Ecublens, Bern, Morges and Vallorbe. Survived one week intensive field training. Met amazing people and made fantastic friends. Back to Ecublens and Lausanne. Spent afternoon with brother and SIL to be.

GVA-AMS: Met a Canadian rock musician living in Hawaii.

AMS: Coffee with above mentioned rock musician. Great conversation. Lots of waiting around. Massage. More waiting. Sushi. Shopping. Waiting.

AMS-YYC: Sat beside Hungarian guy from Szeged. Yay, I had a travel companion. Good fun. Good food. Good music.

YYC: Off to Sundre. Great to see the kids again. Cold weather. Running after V's passport. Visiting family. Kids love the cousins. Great fun.

And right now: need sleep. :)