Saturday, 11 January 2014

Something new, old, borrowed and blue

I merged my two blogs. Back in June, or was it May, I started a new blog called cement factory nomads. I had a good reason back then to do so, but then things changed and I realised that I don't want to scrap under this blue sky. It kind of stuck with me from the very beginning, I wrote when I was happy, I wrote when I was upset, I wrote to make sense of things and to record them. So just leaving it all behind proved more difficult than I thought. But then when I got back to it a few weeks ago, I also realised that it was very dark and grey, reflecting a mood that is no longer mine. Cement factory nomads had a brighter and more colourful setup and some posts that talked about the wonderful holidays we had in Scotland. So I decided to merge the two, including posts and design. So this is my old blue sky blog with a new feel, borrowed from another blog that no longer exists.

Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue.

I think I have the right combination to baffle the Evil Eye.

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