Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Done and dusted

Ok, so first here's to admit that the last two blog posts were actually no blog posts at all. They were a copy-paste from my creativity journal with a little bit added extra to spare you my shorthand.

That said, the fact remains that I've done it! Actually THEM. Firstly, I emptied the green trunk in the backroom. Amazing achievement, please clap your hands now, thank you, flowers in the dressing room, thank you. That trunk held some of our prized (???) possessions that might have been shipped out with us had we decided to leave, but since we are staying, I just put them back on the various shelves where they belonged. (You're still with me?)

By that time I decided that lunch was in order, procrastination can taste yummy sometimes… But then I proceeded outside to do my planting thing. I shall spare you the details, but the end result is a tray of wanna-be tomato plants, a pot filled with basil and coriander seeds and another housing a happy mix of sage, thyme, parsley and whatever other herb seeds I could find. Will they grow? I have no clue. Some friends seem to think that unlike the thousand year old pharaoh seeds, these have a lesser chance of germinating. (Yea of little faith...) But I planted them and watered them, so my part here is done, the rest is up to nature to sort out. And yes, I did get dirt under my finger nails. But that was small change compared to the dead slug in the planting dirt mix. Slugs are right up there with beets on my list of pet hates. So talk about widening my comfort zone...

Now uploading the two pictures to illustrate my feat took longer than the whole planting process altogether, including going to the shop to buy a shovel. Also the estimated time remaining on my Top Gear download is currently 4 weeks and 6 days. Not to worry, I will treat you to a post on our glorious internet connection in the very near future. That is if I can upload it...

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