Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Up to me???

Day 42: One more form to fill, yahooo….. It is for the end of the project, as in FINISHED project, which is clearly not the case, since my project is still outside on the garden table broken down to its elements. Finishing it seems to suppose that I actually have started on it… Now that is the big holdup here. You see, I am quite happy in front of my computer. It is a cosy place with a cup of coffee right at hand and my phone and my water bottle and some dirty dishes and papers and a stapler and six different colour highlighters in a glass jar and HB pencils for the kids' homework and my gratefulness jar and a number of other items that should have never made it to my desk but lo and behold, this is where they are. I swear items crawl onto my desk when I am not looking and then just lie low until they kind of blend in. Every week or so I force myself to take a critical look, as in examining each item that sits on this 1.5 m2 surface and no kidding, I cannot explain the appearance of half of them. I then put them away where they belong, but two days later they are back on my desk. The desk is jinxed, that's a fact. Maybe it needs exorcised. I hear rags and soapy water are used for that purpose, but I haven’t yet managed to bring myself to such extreme measures. So anyways, the project is outside and I am inside, so this whole commotion about actually finishing it seems a bit premature. But since I have checked the BBC news (the poor soul who had to break down the door of a bathroom in Sochi two days ago now got stuck in an elevator), read my habithacker email and ignored all the others, ensured I was up-to-date with the latest gossip on facebook, watched some YouTube and started downloading the latest Top Gear…. well, since all this is done, I guess there ain't nothing else to do but to get started on my creativity project, coupled with some decluttering. Off I go.

I'll be back.

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